viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Mision Kursk en Blitzkrieg Repository

The 1943 Eastern Front is the setting for Mission Barbarossa's follow-up. Opteration Citadel, also known as the Battle of Kursk,is certainly one of the most popular battles on the Eastern Front after Stalingrad.

The Battle of Kursk, which lasted from 4th July to 13th July 1943, marked the last German offensive operation on Russian soil and is famed for its gigantic tank battles and the first wide use on the battlefield of "mystical" tanks like the Tigeror the Ferdinand. As a result, the Blitzkrieg engine isideal to represent it faithfully.

 Althought very popular, the battle of Kursk so far never received a comprehensive coverage in a PC wargame or RTS game.

* Historically detailed maps
* 15 large-sized historical missions
* Over 40 brand new highly-detailed 3D models of tanks, planes, vehicles and artillery guns
* Over 25 new buildings
* Over 60 new sounds for tanks, vehicles and weapons
* Over 210 different textures for all 3Dmodelled tanks, planes, vehicles and artillery guns
* At least 50 hours of uninterrupted playing time
* Complete graphics overhaul
Includes this blog
Russian text files for the Mission Kursk expansion by Panzerschlema Team.
Supongo que no hay que decir nada mas:)


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